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Ragdoll Breed Profile 
  6     COLORS              -        SEAL, BLUE, CHOCOLATE, LILAC, RED & CREAM.
   4     PATTERNS         -        BI-COLOR, MITTED, VAN & COLORPOINT.
   4     POINTS               -        SOLID, LYNX, TORTIE, TORBIE (Lynx & Tortie)

SEAL POINT              The body color should range from ivory to pale fawn beige, shading gradually into a lighter color on the belly or chest.  The points will range from warm seal brown to a brownish black. The paw pads and nose leather are to be seal brown to brownish black with rosy undertones allowed.

BLUE POINT             The body color should range from bluish white to platinum grey, cold in tone, free from any tinge of brown, shading gradually to alighter color on the belly or chest.  The points will range from blue-grey to deep slate.  The paw pads and nose leather are to be dark blue grey with rosy undertones allowed.

CHOCOLATE POINT The body should be ivory, shading gradually to lighter color on the belly and chest.  The points ranging from warm milk chocolate to bittersweet chocolate, all with rose undertones.  The paw pads should be a brownish salmon pink and nose leather a rose brown.

LILAC POINT            The body should be a magnolia white.  Points a pale dove grey with pinkish tones to a warmer deep lavender, the dilute pigment allowing the flesh tones to show through.  Paw pads and nose leather is a feather lavender pink.

RED POINT               The body should be a warm and even tone creamy white.  The points are to be a deep orange hot red.  The paw pads and nose leather should be pink.

CREAM POINT         The body should be creamy white.  The points range from pale sand to deep cream.  The overall impression is a dull, cool buff beige.  The paw pads and nose leather is pink.


COLOR POINT         The points (ears, nose, mask, feet and tail) are to be dark with well defined color.  The body should have definite contrast between it and the points.  Soft shadings of color are allowed on the body as the cat ages.  

MITTED                   The points are to be dark and contrasting to the body, with matching white mitts on the front feet, and white going up the back legs at least to the hock.  They may have a blaze, star or hourglass shaped patch of white on their forehead and nose but not extending into the nose leather.